Aurora in Autumn | Canberra Family Photographer

Yay, was excited to issue my second gift certificate to a friend whom I photographed last year. Thank you Tania (+ friends) for your thoughtfulness on the event of Ethan’s baby shower. This shoot was carefully timed to coincide with the beautiful colours of autumn.

canberra family portraitscanberra child photographercanberra family portraitscanberra kids photography

Distressed bubba, loving cuddle from mum, then all smiles again…

canberra baby photographerACT family photographycanberra newborn photographercanberra newborn photographer

Ethan was abit exhausted and hungry during the shoot. So while he was feeding, Aurora had a wonderful play time.

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Adore her new boots. They took a little getting used to, but she eventually got the hang of it, as you can see…

canberra children's photographercanberra newborn photographercanberra newborn photographercanberra child photographercanberra child photographycanberra child photographer

Samantha, thanks for bringing the kids out to play. I think I had as much fun as Aurora did!

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